VivaVideo App Review | VivaVideo Free Video Editing Software

VivaVideo App Review VivaVideo Free Video Editing Software

VivaVideo App Review- Video editing is arguably one of the most profitable corners out anywhere. And if you’re someone who likes to play with images, video clips, and music, you don’t have to be an expert. If you are an ambitious video editing guy and can’t afford the extremely expensive video editing tools, but are still starving to get your hands on such a weapon, stay tuned because we’ve got you.

VivaVideo Video Editor and Photo is a successful one-stop app for all your video editing creation. It lets you create the fullness of your video using stickers, themes, music, sound effects and much more. Moreover, no previous experience is required to get started working on vivavideo.

 It helps you improve video quality with a plethora of pre-installed effects and filters.When beginning the app, you will be asked to read an account that you can avoid anyway. Next, you need to choose the language of your choice for the app.
You can shoot a new clip using. Capture option. The My Studio feature will help you get all your drafts to a place where you can manage them efficiently.

VivaVideo App | vivavideo apkHere are some notable features of VivaVideo:

Slideshow Creator: This is one of the most popular features of Vivavideo that lets you create an interesting slideshow by placing your normal daily photos and turning them into a short personalized movie that includes additional text art and animated text features.Vivavideo allows you to combine video clips, cut or paste them, copy/paste them and much more for the convenience of the user.

Video Editing Effects:

With plenty of video editing effects, you can easily make many changes such as video speed adjustment. Fade in and fade out, background blur, animated texts and fonts, GIFs, Giffy video stickers and much more.

Vivavideo old version | vivavideo for pc | VivaVideo App Review

Music and themes: You can download music for videos using the built-in music library. And you can choose your music from the many categories available (pop, rock, cinematic, etc.). In addition, lots of readymade themes are another attraction.

You can use to show your feelings on different occasions.Export and Share: Using this feature you can easily share your videos and photos directly on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. and if you want to save media on your device then you can go to the export option.


Helps you make new friends and anyone can make a huge fan using the platform. However, it works just like any other social media network, where you can share your videos with the world and make new connections with other users as they follow you or like your videos. Movie Video: You can watch all created VivaVideo app videos on PC using VLC Media Player. We all know that VLC is leading the movie and video streaming player.

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